We have noticed that the BI Server goes down some times and does not come up after carrying out RPD changes. We tested some cases in our OBIEE 12c environment and that is a Oracle bug of OBIEE 12c until now (so far the latest version of OBIEE 12c is

The error message you can find like below:

Unable to start the server obis1 : Received error message from Node Manager Server: [Server start command for OBIS server ‘obis1’ failed due to:

[Server failed to start up but Node Manager was not aware of the reason]. Please check Node Manager log and/or server ‘obis1’ log for detailed information.]. Please check Node Manager log for details.

In the mean time the issues are solved by Oracle, there is a solution which you can work around and overcome this issue by restoring the default RPD and then deploying the latest version of RPD. Of course, you need to make sure that you already backup the latest changed RPD.

Below are detail steps:

  • Navigate to the directory <obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin/ and run the command: sh to stop all services.
  • After the OBIEE 12c services are stopped, navigate to the directory <obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations and delete liverpd.* and all other versions of RPD.
  • Clear the content of file default_diff.xmlin the directory <obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations/default (Note: Please do not delete this file)
  • Navigate to the directory <obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin/ and run the command: nohup ./ & to start all OBIEE 12c services in the background. You can type the command: tail -f nohup.out to view the starting progress
  • The system should come up with default RPD. Login to OBIEE 12c as weblogic user to ensure that you can login
  • Now you need to deploy your latest changed RPD using script in <obiee_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin

Hope this help.



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